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Olivia's Herd

Olivia’s Herd is named in honor of the late daughter of our founder, Olivia Joy Saunders. Olivia was stillborn, born at 36 weeks in June of 2020, due to a cord accident where she got her umbilical cord wrapped around her ankle and tied in a knot.

Stillbirth, miscarriage and other infancy loss is unfortunately so common. In fact, statistics show that 1 in 4 women will experience this. 

The name Olivia’s Herd has significant meaning. Of course, “Olivia” after the founder’s daughter, but “Herd” derives from elephants actually. When a baby elephant dies, the mother elephant lays with her baby grieving, sometimes for days. The “herd” of elephants gather around the mother and the deceased baby while the mother grieves.

The purpose of Olivia’s Herd is to create a “herd” or in other words, a community, to gather around and support the mom in various ways during her time of loss. 

“Although I’m still on my own journey of grief, I get motivated and inspired to share my story and lend support to others who have and who will experience this.”

Alicia Saunders. Founder, Olivia’s Herd

Olivia’s Herd was launched on 2/22/2022


Alicia J. Saunders

I am Alicia Saunders, most people call me Joy. I am a mother of 4. My first born is a very sassy little girl, name Zoe. My second born is Olivia Joy, she is very special to me because she is my “angel baby”. In June of 2020 she was stillborn and my journey to being an angel mom began. She is the inspiration for Olivia’s Herd. My 3rd is my rainbow baby boy, Kody. He is the wonderful blessing that we received after losing our sweet baby girl Olivia. In 2022 we welcomed our daughter, Nyanna by way of adoption.

I pride myself on being an honest, forthcoming individual. This is a new process for me sharing publicly intimate details of my life and the journeys that I have been on and are on currently, however it is my hope that my story will encourage someone else to know that they are stronger than they realize and life is not about what happens to us but how we respond to it. I want mothers to know you will smile again. Much love and welcome to Olivia’s Herd!